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Dinesh Vaihtylaingam Gangatharan

Currently pursuing Master in Infromation and Communication Engineering in Technical University of Darmstadt. I am currently working on my master thesis in Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD

Work Experience

Android Projects

  1. Mobile sensing for Stress detection : Android app to detect stress from the heart beat sensed from an android watch and display the histogram of the stress levels over the day and week.

  2. (Internet of Things) Twitter Aware : Design of an android application to obtain user tweets as a service and convert them to mood.Implemented a Gadgeteer application to show mood on a display.Implementation of java application to play music as per mood from a local repository.

  3. (Internet of Things) Facebook music : Implementation of an application to play music on spotify as per user status on facebook. Implemetation using MQTT broker and using topic based publish-subscribe mechanism.

  4. SleepMode : Android app with more than 500 downloads. App to switch the phone to silent when the screen faces the ground.

  5. Shiftbuddy : Platform to link users who want to shift with users who want to make some money by helping people shift. Won the startup idea award in TU Setup competition.

Machine Learning Project

Implementation of anomaly detection on the network using Gaussian mixture models.

Docker Project

Implementation of Asterisk SIP server on docker along with TURN server for symmetric NAT routing and E-mail server for voicemail updates.

MATLAB Projects

Support or Contact

For any information or if you need to contact me, please mail me @ dineshvg1023@gmail.com